Aisi 304/316 pickled executions, Atex conformity Dir. 2014/34/EU, C5 painting.
Hot-dip galvanized anti-corrosion executions, in Aisi 304/316 polished, reinforced thicknesses, special painting grade C4 and C5.
Executions for HT and LT, reinforced executions, Atex conformity Dir.2014/34/EU, high efficiency profiles, Aisi 304/316 pickled, special anti-corrosion finishes.
Executions in Aisi 304/316 pickled, microbead blasted, Atex conformity Dir. 2014/34/EU.
HT executions, transmissions, servo fans, AL materials.
Aisi 304/316 executions, high efficiency impeller profiles, continuous welding.
Transmission executions, high flow rates, reduced overall dimensions.
Aisi 304 executions, soundproofing, high efficiency, medium-high pressures.
HT executions, transmissions, servo-ventilations, reinforced materials, HT coatings.
Transmissions, special impellers and reinforced open blades.

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